Thrive Themes just launched their new plugin called Thrive Architect. It is actually a new & improved Thrive Content Builder plugin, the one we used to build over 300 landing page templates on The Landing Factory, just more powerful.

Will the “old” Thrive Content Builder templates work with new Thrive Architect?


Templates built with Thrive Content Builder are backward compatible with the new Thrive Architect.

Still, some issues may occur, but both we (The Landing Factory) and Thrive Themes will work hard on discovering any possible bugs and fixing them as soon as humanly possible.

What about new TLF templates?

We’ll jump straight ahead on Thrive Architect and build all future templates with it.

It’s a bit of a learning curve but we are experts and we’ll take the best from it to make even better landing page designs for you.

There were some mentions of content templates being able to be exported (not 100% confirmed), but if that happens we’ll start designing those as well so you can use the best pieces of our designs and incorporate it within your existing landing pages.

Have you tried the new Thrive Architect? How do you like it so far?

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  1. Still buggy for me.

    A lot of elements need to be converted, when converted the settings change…

    Not very happy about what is happening.

    And on the forum i see this trend to… they kinda hurry with the launch… without warning that is not safe to update.

    Without giving some safe steps to follow.

    I need to revert back to tcb on mosh of the sites.

    The Trhive Arhitect idea is good. But the convert issues are not funny 🙂

    Maybe if you start from scratch it’;s a good idea, but with old pages… for now it’s a big risk.

    Hope they will fix all bugs soon.

    • Hey Cristian, yes, unfortunatelly some time will need to pass until Thrive Themes fix all the bugs and issues with Thrive Architect. Luckily they are fast with their updates and are constantly making progress and pushing updates to their plugins.

  2. Is there a way to distinguish which of your templates were built using the new “Thrive Architect” plugin and which weren’t?


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